About Us

VTFGTR was founded in 2004 by Janett R. Pruitt who desired to minister the Word of God through The Performing Arts.

The message is simply “Stay with the Word of God”. Without changing the integrity of the Word of God or taking from it any meaning, the goal is to reach those who have difficulty hearing the Word of God.

The objective is to demonstrate God’s Word through visual teaching (drama) by applying practical application in hopes of reaching those who have troubled spirits and live in dysfunctional relationships and families.

Through this unique teaching, the purpose is to lead many to the path of understanding so their spiritual ears will open to hear God for themselves. Through dramatic teaching of the Word, VTFGTR seeks to bring families back together as it was intended by God.

The Story behind the Rooster Logo

The meaning of the rooster is a heartfelt message learned over the years while walking with God. The rooster is one of God’s wisest creatures. Unlike any other creature, the rooster rises up early in the morning uttering praises as he calls for everyone’s attention to wake up. He walks proud and has confidence in every step he makes. He is the head of his family and the hen so graciously submits to him and the fruits of their bodies are abundantly produced. Jesus used the rooster to get Peter’s attention. The rooster woke up Peter’s spiritual being. After Jesus ascension to heaven, Peter walked with pride while sharing the Word of God.

For further information, please click here to download our history/founding information

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