Visual Teaching Productions

Visual Teaching Productions (VTP) has grown to be one of VTFGTR’s most valuable subsidiaries. VTP has provided theater experiences for over 700 families within the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.  Unlike JICT, VTP are developed with a more matured audience in mind.  The productions are based upon real-life, day-to-day subject matters that many families are forced to deal with in today’s society.  VTP’s most successful production, “There Is A Choice”, which dealt with the strife of a single mother raising two young sons was so inspiring that three encore productions were performed by request.  The success of each production is indicative of the unique teaching tools.  The goal of VTP is to continue to reach the underserved, as well as, the underprivileged with expectations to enrich the lives of families within the communities.  Ultimately, the objective of VTP is to empower those who are struggling and suffering, to provide mentorship for those in need and promote the preservation of family.